My motivation speeches for women in STEM, thanks to empower women, and how has it changed you?

Hey everyone. i guess 2 weeks ago i made a discussion about my first speech.

Well now i have already done 2 speeches in public school to motivate girls to study industrial engineering.

I have to say everything was thanks to you and this webpage. If i haven't had this motivation that you all gave me i guess i would never start something like this.

Now, i'm not alone anymore, 2 friends already told me they want to participate with me. One of them is helping me to look for my third school to go. 

This is becoming something bigger and everything is because of you, even my father has helped me in my speeches since he works in a very known public university in Lima.

So i just wanted to share and asked how the rally has changed you?

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  • Cristina Lasagni
    Hola Claudia, I am a girl in Tech as well. With my previous company we used to give speech to secondary schools students, get female interns and invite them to our Tech events. The challenge I had is only boys were interested in what we were telling them. Going backward I would go straight to elementary school, as maybe it is there where the first thoughts pro or against tech are formed. Which school are you addressing? What has been your experience so far? Keen to know more. 
    • claudia rivas
      I'm going to public school

      My first school was a mixed one: I go to speak to senior high school students, i realized even though some of them asked me the interest was the same between girls and boys. And well most of them want to study traditional careers like law, administration, etc. So they were curious about engineering.

      My second school was only girls: Here i feel more listened since i realized when girls are only around women they are more easy to talk and ask questions. I have received so many questions that even my father speak after me, telling about San Marcos University where he works.
      But i realized they would like to know more about all engineering field, so i'm going to prepare a more wide speech and cover more engineeering
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  • Congratulations, keep soaring!
  • Leah Davidson
    Claudia, it is so great that you are reaching out to schools in Peru. As a result of this rally, I am looking into ways to get involved with the Washington DC chapter of Girls in Tech, an organization that I researched through the business development assignment. I am hoping to mentor girls interested in STEM fields and entrepreneurship.
  • Mildret Kujinga
    Well done, keep pushing together we can make it a better world through empowering women 
  • Lavanya Chakradhara (Sayam)
    Dear Claudia - you have struck on a most important note in the context of us prosepctive champions, or even as we stand as supporters of Women Empowerment. I am myself a speaker, and Empwoer Women is inspiring in its mere presence - just by acknowledge the presence of inequality strewn across the society, and various walks of life and seeking an economic means of supporting those in need, this rally has helped me focus my thoughts in the direction where work is needed the most. In addition, only an organization can UN can quickly mobilize so many people and bring them onto a common platform. This rally has made me think about the many means women can be empowered in daily life, as several millions struggle towards freedom, liberty and economic empowerment is a very powerful answer to their unanswered questions and struggles. 
  • Ana Larrea-Albert
    Hola Claudia,

    You are doing an amazing job by reaching out to young students and opening their minds about the limiltless possibilities in pursuing their careers. Well done!

    Having met wonderful women like you online via Empower Women's rally is one of the great gifts of this initiative that brings us motivated women together to find ways to increase our reach and impact! 

    Keep up the great work and can't wait to cooperate in your efforts!
  • Yasmine Ishtay
    Wow, this is so inspiring and influencing. It's like an orientation for young students to start thinking and planning of their academic future whether they look forward to engaging an engineering school or any other school. The click is to start visualizing and creating the future the thing that I was not exposes to in my country when I was in their age. I passed the senior examinations in high school without knowing where to go or what to study, I was literally having no idea about any major. 
    I can do the same of what you have done and encourage school students to complete their studies in peace field as we gravely need it in the Middle East. 

    Thank you for sharing. 
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