Multiple partners & Women : How to break the circle- SelfWorth



As women this is a circle we all know, heard about and we need to also identify this as a oppressor of our own worth.. How do we develop principles and values as women to practice selfworth. Avoid multiple partners. Await on the King send by us through God's diong.


Please share all,

  • Clarindi Greeff
    Hi Wilhelmina,

    I would love to hear more from you regarding this topic.

    As you might know, we face similarly daunting challenges here in South Africa surrounding health matters of women, particularly with regards to HIV/Aids and maternity issues. 

    What role do you believe does the so-called boni mores play in the values and cycle that you speak of? The reason I ask this is that often it falls within the morals or values of a society to have multiple partners. How does one then tackle this issue if it is spread within your community?

    In South Africa, we face a major challenge with regards to safe sex. And with this social hierarchy plays and enormous part in keeping women within the cycle that you referred to.
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