• Dr Rejoice Shumba
    Well done
  • Lenka Vybíralová
    I am so excited to see so many faces being ready to work together even harder for women´s empowerment! Congratulations and looking forward to our cooperation!
  • Adina Laura Achim
    I was selected as well. Congratulations to all participants and winners! May I ask if you have received the email which invites you to the webinar tomorrow? I still didn't receive that one.
    • Cassandra Nadira Lee
      I just received the email 2 hours ago and look forward to the webinar later tonight (SG time)
    • veronica portugal
      I already received it but the confirmation`s link does not work. 
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  • Tinuola Aina
    I was selected. Congratulations to everyone. This platform has widened my horizon. There is a whole lot to be done. 

    We all are champions! 
  • Nwachukwu Chika Veronica
    Congratulations to all selected Champions! I wasn't selected but sure I'll give out my best in the struggle on Women Empowerment.
    • Cassandra Nadira Lee
      I agree with Grace. Its your attitude that makes you different, Nwachukwu. 
    • Grace Pisirai

      "I wasn't selected but sure I'll give out my best in the struggle on Women Empowerment.", that makes you a champion dear.
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  • Mwabi Moyo
    I was selected too. three of us from Malawi. ITS A GREAT HONOUR!!!

  • Maria Pedro Miala
    I was also selected!
  • Maryann Nwanneka Egwuonwu
    I was also selected. Congrats to everyone
  • Tim Immaculate Bih
    I am counted among the 170. Congrats to all
  • The only Champion from Zambia. What an honour.
  • Ana Chkheidze
    I was selected too, the only chamption from my country, what an honour! <3 Congratulations to all of the selected champions, together we can make changes! I wish all of you great success! 
  • Sibel Unal
    Hi Veronica, congrats! i was selected too:)
  • Doris Mollel
    Yes i was Doris Mollel from Tanzania @Millicent Wambui thats the right spirit.
  • Millicent Wambui
    congratulations veronica and all the other champions. I wasnt selected but will continue dedicating myself to women empowerment efforts. 
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  • Agnes Frederick Mgongo
    Here I am , Agnes Mgongo from Tanzania... congratulations to all
  • Congratulation for those who are selected. And thank you Veronica for the link, I didn't receive an email yet but I saw my name in the list.
  • veronica portugal
    the names of the selected champions are in the plattform
  • Msafiri Msedi
    Congratulations Veronica! and best wishes in your struggle of making this world a good place for women, I have not seen any email probably, I was not choosen.
    • veronica portugal
      here it´s the link to the selected ones 
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