I am a Champion, You are a Champion!

The EmpowerWomen Rally has been very exciting and educative. It started few weeks ago and have ended and I tell you what ..... WE ARE ALL CHAMPIONS! I am a Champion, You are a Champion!

Any Woman/Man supporting women empowerment is a Champion! Any Man/Woman Supporting the cause for Gender equality is a Champion.

So lets join hands together, minds together, go out into our communities and countries and go empower more women/girls. Keep using your diverse platforms to support this great cause! 
  • Dunia Tegegn
    I suggest that who ever is going to be a champion to not forget most of the issues we have delebrated on here and to raise it during the next steps of the rally . I also think champions could use the rest of us as entry points when it comes to local issues and applicable approaches at local level . 
  • Rebecca Kiwanuka
    It was such a great experience.I have learnt a lot and i look forward to disseminating so much to people in my community and also help empower girls and women.
  • Eunice Kajala
    Hi All,
        thank you for sharing.It has been an exciting platform.
  • رحاب محمد
    Hello Ezzine: you are absoloutely right  because you are achampion , iam achampion..... as WE ARE ALL CHAMPIONS here because we are defending for womens rights ,support them ,as well as empower them in  addition to the fact to that we all dictate our time for this purpose so thank you  for this
    Rehab Ismail afemale from Egypt
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  • Peggy Tse
    Hi @Ezinne Ikejiani - Agreed very much! The rally is just the beginning of this global network of WEE Champions working together. I am so grateful and motivated to see many people think alike and are working hard towards a single goal.

    WEE is lifelong journey for many of us. While this platform is great to share good stories, I dont mind listening to failures and struggles to help address some difficulties when we achieve WEE! Happy to help anytime!
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      Thanks Peggy, yes it is indeed the beginning of greater works that we will all do together via this platform and our various platforms.

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  • Gee Chids
    yes we are all champions and let us keep empowering women wherever we are
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  • Ana Chkheidze
    The rally is not a start nor the end of our championships!! We have been and will be champtions if we engage in various activities in our communities and act as change-makers in our society. This is what makes anyone a champion. I'm grateful to EmpowerWomen and UN Women for providing such an amazing platform where we can connect, share and act together towards a better life of current and future generations!
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      So True! I agree with you Ana.

      Its not the end of our championship! We will continue to empower more women in our diverse communities and countries; and continue out fight for gender equality.

      Thanks for sharing.
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  • Manisha Kad
    Its great to be the part of rally and connect all of you. It is awesome. We will continue this journey.
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      Hi Manisha,

      Yes indeed, we will continue the journey. More women will be empowered and we will achieve gender equality as well.

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  • Faith A.C Ayegba
    Yeah...it was an awesome privileged connecting with you all on this platform. Lets keep inspiring each other for more impact. 
    Now, 'STAND UP FOR THE CHAMPION' cause that's what we are.

    Happy to connect:

    Faith A.
    Twitter : @CMajifoundation
    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/faithnemie.ayegba?ref=bookmarks
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      Thanks Faith, the feeling is mutual.

      Totally enjoyed the experience and learnt alot from all of you.

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  • Sibel Unal
    Thank you Ezinne, we are all champions, that is very correct!:)
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  • Zanele Xaba
    We are change makers ! The CHAMPIONS
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      Yes indeed! We are change makers and will continue to make massive impact.

      Thanks Zanele
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  • Indeed everyone is a Champion, 
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      Yes we are. The commitment and hardwork we've all put in is truly inspiring. 

      Thanks Olivia.
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  • Erisa Kreshpa
    This is so true. We all are champions.
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      Yes we are and we will continue to champion this amazing cause - Empowering women and gender equality. 

      There is no stopping us.

      Thanks Erisa.
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  • Djemi Njiki Michele
    Thank you Ezinne

    And we have all learnt so much from each other. It is amazing
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      So true Djemi,

      We've all been truly amazing; sharing great stories and content. I have learnt alot.

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  • claudia rivas
    I have been able to meet so many great Latina women and for other parte of the world who has the same objective and do the difference.
    And the best is that i have been able to motívate Friends. Already 4 Friends are interested in knowing more; they want to Help and be part of this Empower women cause. Im happy this is becoming a chain of value and rights.

    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      That's great, Claudia!

      Please keep up the good work and lets empower more women.

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    This is true,we are all champions.
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  • Mirha Omerović
    Dear Ezinne!

    I am so happy I participated and had a chance to meet so many new friends and women/men fighting for our rights and empowerment.

    We are all champions and we have to fight as long as we have to.

    Celebrate life and keep engaged! 
    • Ezinne Ikejiani
      Hi Mirha,

      Same here, happy I took part as well. Totally enjoed the experience.

      Thanks Mirha.
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