Girls in Science and Technology

Girls needs to be involved in the information age. If we are to witness a steady growth in global economy, technology being at the forefront, then girls must be involved in this phenomenal growth.

Some years ago, i started engaging myself in computing courses when i realised the limitless opportunities that computing skills gave to me.

Through these skills, Iwas able to type out my short stories that were usually written on notebooks before I learnt computer operation.

Also, I could develop myself personally, do research and learn new things unsing google. I really feel it is very important for girls to be encouraged to study technology and government should prioritized investment to help girls pursue careers in science and technology.

  • Cristina Lasagni
    Hey Kate, I have been very lucky myself. I have always been a girl in Tech, as my parents have never told me you can't do this or that. So I have been extremely lucky. Change starts with ourselves and our children. Let's empower all men and women to dream and to aim high, starting by removing our fears of not being good enough at something. We all can achieve amazing things if we set our mind into it. And women are as just as capable as anybody else. Centuries of discrimination certainly penalize Women, not from an ability standpoint but from a social belief one, that also afftected women. Let's be aware of that and keep on pushing for change. Battle to close the gap is still long, but becoming role models and challenge set belief is absolutely something we all need to pursue, together with our friends, family and children.  
    You know my engagement with computers was enough late... But this was a proof for me that never it's late! Nowadays I have my own students and encourage them to broaden their skills in all ICT tools. Especially for girls. What a proud for me to watch my young women and girl students creating amawing presentations.
  • Dr Ishrat Bano
    I agree with your thoughts Kate!

    I am a huge beleiver of increasing the women in STEM!
  • Danayi Musamirapamwe
    Hi Kate, organisations and governments should step in to encourage girls in tech. I agree with all the comments that the future is tech. Also I believe encouraging girls in tech will break the gender stereotype that girls are not good at computers and tech.
  • Ogbeyalu Okoye
    STEM education is key for inclusive growth for women and girls. i absolutely agree.
  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    HI Kate, I agree with you. The ratio of boys studying courses in the field of technology is quite large as compared to girls. Girls need to be encouraged to go into this field. 
  • Tim Immaculate Bih
    ICT is a neccessity and not a luxury for women who want to emerge or are emerging! It makes work easier.
  • Sarah Hesterman
    Hi Kate! 

    I completely agree with your post. I think that there is an incredible link between computer based skills and economic empowerment. As we move further and further into a digital age, compyter literacy is a key part of keeping up with the rapidly growing global economy. Computer literacy can allow female entrepreneurs to kickstart their businesses and reach a larger audience, to take online courses, and so much more. Opportunities are truly endless. It is also important that this is done in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way- there is an important intersection that exists with gender equality and sustainable development. Great topic of conversation!
  • Joel Odota
    ICT is the way to go today if we are to achieve the state of complete development. Also, the stereotype that women are not better I.T Professionals is very common in my country Uganda. Women are actually better at this because by nature women are very good at multitasking and their brain is very good at retention of knowledge and information. Today's business and entrepreneurship requires the use of internet and very many other computer applications. Internet skills are still required for better networking and making business connections. I met a friend from Tanzania, a lady who was far much better than me in ICT. She offered to teach me skills of desgining webistes and other designs. She was an amazing one and told me she does not look for jobs. People call her to do for them stuff or train them. Young as she is, she is earning crazy money and gained much respect. She opened her own ICT Center recently. She is a millionaire.
  • Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers

    Aa a women in tech myself, I can say that this is actually very important question for the sustainable development of the world. Technology is developing very rapidly: artificial intelligence, robots, predictive analysis, self-driving cars etc. In about 20-25 years about 2 million jobs are about to disappear due to technology, and these jobs will be mainly in administration, healthcare, and other areas where currently women are majority. If we don't involve the girls in the technology now, they will face major issues to find a nice job in 20-25 years when they come to the job market. So tell every young girl that IT is COOL!

    • Erisa Kreshpa
      Great point of view :) Many girls are told to not study "fields for men" and Tech is one of them. We as women in Tech, have to inspire them and ensure them that girls have the same possibilities as boys to be great developers, or engineers or whatever they want :)
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  • Erisa Kreshpa
    I have studied Computer Science and I completely agree with you.....we need more girls in Tech to be inspired and encouraged that women can be great at these fields....

    I have created Albanian Women in STEM, facebook page and I hope to develop it in the future :)
  • Doris Mollel
    This is very good we as girls needs tofind what will make us stand ,something that many thinks we cant be best At.
    please support more girls on what you do and inspire them.
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