every woman should have a voice

I have come in contact with women who were not allowed to speak and have a say in matters that concern thier lives and that of their children.....But its  my joy today when i see those women standing tall and doing things they love to do without hindrance,i see hope for every woman's voice to be heard!!!!

Would love to read your opinions...... 

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  • Manisha Kad
    Every woman should have voice then only she can improve her life and can get her rights she deserves. Change will happen only if she speaks about her problems. I know sometimes it is difficult for her due to culture or pressures of society, however she must dare to speak for her and other women too. Raise your voice against injustice for you and all.
  • Roxana Damas
    I agree it is such joy!!! I have lost count of the number of women I have worked with and guided them to find their voice and path. It is amazing to see what people can do when they believe in themselves. We need more of these stories and I am so glad that on this platform I am able to see of the great work being done all over the world. Keep it up.
  • Nina Corder
    As a woman of color who is passionate about women’s issues, my primary vision is to have a community that can come together to talk, explore, argue, disagree, offer insights, reflect and learn together to produce a meaningful results and impact. Hence I do believe it is important to create a safe place for all us to speak up and let our voice to be heard. My hope to have all women around the world to continue to speak up and let our voice heard. I do envision that the more we can challenge the status quo the higher the impact of the movement and causes for positive social change. That can only happem if we speak up.
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi
    As we all know Human Rights are women's rights,thhat is why we have the right to our opinion and expression.When the voices of women are heard from the grassroots to all over the world,gender barrires will be broken and they will be economically empowered.
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  • Tumelo Mogotsi
    I guess its a cultural thing for women to not speak on certain "topics" or their voices to not be considered important and relevant. So happy to see a bit of progress being made.
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