it gives me joy to see women who are physically challenged yet empowering others regardless of their situation. My former boss was confounded to a wheelchair yet she was able to handle her office duties much better than the rest of us. This goes to show that including physical lay challenged individuals can help empower the society. They are well able to contribute and empower. 

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  • Leah Davidson
    Maayan Ziv is an example of a young female entrepreneur in Canada with a disability who is raising awareness through building a company to crowdsource information on accessible locations: http://www.vice.com/en_ca/video/common-good-toronto

    I had the privilege of working with her this summer on accessibility awareness.
    • Msafiri Msedi
      I looked Maayan video, it is an interesting project, I wonder is her project specific in Canada or she can corraborate with others to mark accessible places, for instance if I know accessible washroom in my country, can I add it?. Thanks for shairing this Leah
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  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    You are right Ogbeyalu. Disability should not be construed as incapability. Disabled persons are very capable of handling affairs. Most people do not know this. Your boss is a great example. Quite inspiring.
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