• Maria Pedro Miala
    Thank you so much Sibel. You are so nice....Happy new year and I wish you and your family much joy and peace.
    • Maria Pedro Miala
      Sibel thanks to you I was able to reach my mentor. Thank you.
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  • Maria Pedro Miala
    Does anyone knows how I can contact Monica Stancu?
    • Sibel Unal
      Hi Maria, I recommend you to create a Facebook account. Most of the mentors are very active at this platform. To help you, I checked your mentor's name and found one. Please visit Facebook :)
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  • Tinuola Aina
    I tried reaching out to my mentor who is from another country:) Expecting a response soon.
  • Sibel Unal
    Hi Maria, I will have my first meeting on Wednesday.
    • Sibel Unal
      Hi Maria, sorry for my delayed response. I added my mentor firstly on Linkedin, then she sent me message and requested my contact information such as email address, mobile phone number and skype ID. She contacted me and we had a skype meeting on wednesday.
      Did you reach to your mentor? Do you want me to check his/her name on Facebook or Linkedin to help you? (you said you had only twitter account)
    • Maria Pedro Miala
      How did you contact her, I only have a twitter account!
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  • Good to see that everyone is eager to get the ball rolling and start connecting with his or her mentor. All the mentors will surely contact each and their respective champions. So relax, take a chill pill and enjoy the ride as the year comes to an end to usher us all into a new beginning next year.
  • We should be presenting our action plans on the 1st of January.
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  • claudia rivas
    I also haven't been contacted by my mentor but i expect this week or next week we will have our first meeting.
  • Maryann Nwanneka Egwuonwu
    I am yet to hear from my mentor too.
  • Lindiwe mlalazi
    Hey Maria, 
    I havent talked to my mentor either... Quick question, how did you manage to edit your profile, cant find the "Additional Info" section 
    • Heeshma Chhatralia
      Hey! When you login to your Empower Women account, you will see your name on the top right hand corner. Click on it - a drop down menu will appear. The first option allows you to view / edit your profile. 
    • Agnes Frederick Mgongo
      Couldn't neither 
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  • Tim Immaculate Bih
    I am checking my mails everytime but no word from a mentor yet!
  • Catherine Ruge
    Me neither. may be next week
  • Lilian Ifemeludike
    Hi Maria,

    I have not heard from my mentor either. I'm still expectant anyway. I expect they are working on it. 
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