Close-minded: Why some middle class people don't care to help others?

So, even thought there is still poverty here , we have many people who are middle class and high class.

Most of these people have a job and good life, of course they are not rich but live very comfortable, so they have access to education, internet and opportunities but not many are interested in helping others, it is like they prefer to be inside their bubble and forget about others.

I know everyone has the right to choose what to do with their life but at least for me, born, work, get marry and died is not enough.

Many are so focus in just passing their days, waiting it is already 6 pm to leave their job and go to a bar or etc, that they forget there are people who are in need. 

And here in Peru, the culture of "volunteer" is seen as akward and you're weird, a person who doesn't have nothing to do and that's why you volunteer.

I have heard this:

1. But why are you helping others, go and start your master already instead of losing your time with your speeches

2. I help others, i work and the company i work give jobs to many people, so with my job i help the companie to get more money and they can grow up and give more jobs. (REALLY !!!)

3. If people are poor then the government should help them, i pay taxes every month so they should do it not me.

4. Yeah, i know about those "young leaders" who speak, travel to conferences, only their mother listen to them. They say many things but they don't have the power to make those things become real. I prefer to do real stuff.

5. MM, yes i would like to volunteer, but that voluntary work you told me is saturday since 7 am. I prefer to sleep, weekends are my only 2 free days, sorry but i just don't have enought time.

Is the people from your country like that?, How has you made to find others to think similar like you? 
  • Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers
    It is not about how much money somebody is earning, it is about the midset.
    People who are helpful and supportive are big in thier hearts.
    You have helpful and supportive and NOThelpful and NOTsupportine people in every country.
  • Clarindi Greeff
    This is a sad but unfortunate truth.

    I have for years wondered why people are hesitant to donate or to volunteer. I do believe that people have an innate sense of altruism but that there are a number of obstacles in the way of people helping others.

    Firstly, I believe that people much easier donate or help out when there is an identifiable person on the receiving end. I believe that this is because helping out another person that you know by name gives many people a bigger sense of caring.

    Secondly, I believe that a major challenge is people feel that their donations are futile and that there are bigger structural issues at play which keep poverty concrete. While this may in certain instances be true, it does not negate the need that many have and it does not fulfil that need.

    Lastly, I feel that many people suffer from what I call the "bystander effect" where people feel that others will do it, so why should they.

    It's actually interesting, as I feel this is also the case when it comes to women empowerment. Often other people feel that it is futile to try to change historical injustices and that they would rather that somebody else do the work.
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