Climate change is a global problem, it has a negative impact on peoples way of living and the national economy. The greenhouse emission from human activities is a culprit and it continues to rise. To help fight climate change we have to focus on reducing wastes, choose renewable energy, recycle waste and get people informed. That way we can all join in the fight against climate change.
  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    I agree with you. Climate change can only be addressed if everyone participates.
  • Dunia Tegegn
    Very nice read. 

    Climate change also adversly affects women compared to men. This is due to the limited right to movement due to the role women play in the society. When climate affects the society women could be forfront including because intimes of losing thier husbands they will be taking care of thier family. Climate change also indirectly affects women when women join refugee camps due to climate issues and are subjected to sexual violence or when they are not able to insure thier reproductive health .

    The post mdg era should address this  through an inclusive and participatory means when women lead the discussions 

    Do you all see how climate change affects women ?
  • Eunice Kajala
    It is important to spread a word about a fight against climate change, especially to women in rural areas in developing countries. In rural areas, most women use charcoal or firewood for cooking.This results in increased greenhouse emission.They also don't know about waste recycling and reuse.
    They need to be informed about innovative ways of cooking eg using solar cookers.
  • Karuna Parajuli
    The unplanned urbanisation and people's tendency to buy petroleum based private vehicles like car, motorbikes are also adding pollution to the environment leadind to the pollution. Global warming and climate change can be a serious threat to all living beings. We need to act quickly to minimize such emission.Different e-vehicles could be alternatives to petroluesm energy.
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