Calling on 2016/2017 Champions to develop their Plan of Action during their tenure

I wish to congratulate all the 2016/2017 Chapions.It is very important for the champions to come develope a PLAN OF ACTION which will guide them during their tenure.What do you think?

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  • Tinuola Aina
    The tenure requires implementation of a project which requires a work plan for its success. The toolkit and webinars have been helpful in sketching a work plan to be fine tuned by my mentor.
  • Robert Leggett
    Hello All,

    Has the toolkit been sent out or located under Resources tab?

    • Tinuola Aina
      Hello Robert. Yes it was sent in an email last week Wednesday inclusive of a link to the recorded webinar organised for the new champions. 
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  • Dorcas Tiwaa Addai
    Yes, I also believe the assistance of our mentors will be very helpful and I thank Empower Women for putting that arrangement in place. We all have very good project ideas and the mentors will assist us in fine-tuning them so we achieve the maximum results.

    Once again, congrats to all the Champions. Collectively and individually we can contribute a lot to the advancement of WEE.
  • It's a must because every organised person needs to plan before scheduling any works. The tool kit is very helpful and we are already thinking of what projects to embark on while patiently waiting for our mentors.
  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem
    Its very important that champions explore the toolkit
  • Maryann Nwanneka Egwuonwu
    Every champion is to develop a plan of action showcasing what he/she wants to do. I also think our mentor will direct us on the best way forward.
  • Cynthia Etonge
    i must also add that the toolkit is indeed very helpful. but we will need the guidance of previous champions too that way we are very sure of the steps we are taking since the have been there before.
  • Carol Ajie
    The Toolkit we received today from Empower Women contain alot of tools and guides for the next four months for us. Please access it in your emails its a great tool.
    • Mirabelle Abongwa
      I have not recieved the mail.
    • Mwabi Moyo
      I checked it out. Its really wonderful. It gives proper guidelines on how we can go about everything 
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  • Faith A.C Ayegba
    Yes. Its a starting point to whatever initiative we might have towards WEE. First its to work on developing an action plan. Still yet to get mine started but its advisable you start early so you plan better and implement within time frames.
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