Hi Champions, yesterday was Miss World 2016, have been following it up and i was very interested with one of the category of Beauty with a Purpose, where all contestants were required to showcase how they can change the community after being crown the Miss tittle in their own counrty, i watched the documentaries of the the top five beaaty queens from 5 countries ( Kenya, Philippines, Dominic Republic, Indonesia and Nepal) and the Winner was the girl from Indonesia, she real has a good course project, There were alot of   kids struggling in the damp site to find food and did not attend school . Miss Indonesia  decided to start a project to build schools for this children, taught their parents to build fish ponds so that they can get food. Children have a right to food and access to education as a human right.  Women can do alot in our society to change the world let us be  the torch that illuminate where there is darkness and bring hope to the hopeless, like what Miss Indonesia has done to these poor kids. Please share your highlights if you watched the documentaries of Beatty with a purpose if you have not watched go to you tube and do so, you can learn something and be inspired
  • This is so inspiring. Welldone Indonesia.

    It's good that the widely commercialised definition of beauty is being interrogated to take cognisance of the fact that beauty ambassadors do not only have to be physically appealing, but mentally stimulating so as to become effective agents of transformative change at all levels. This is very important because beauty ambassadors have global influence and should lead by example. We cannot afford to have such highly regarded ambassadors not being part of the empower women agenda.

    If everyone would give back to the community in any small way possible, the world would be a better place. Its also good not to wait for the grand stage to do good. Everyone has something to give back. Start where you are, with the little that you have and before you know it, the ripple effects of all our combined efforts are there for us all to see.

    Surely beauty with a purpose and confidently beautiful are  better ways of defining global beauty. Thanks for sharing Catherine
  • Patricia Masocha
    A very good concept and a good way to get funding from the Corporate World, Beauty with Brains and Purpose.
  • veronica portugal
    I read that the new owner of the Miss Universe Organization changed the rules of the pageant to make it more sociable responsible and show others  aspects of women. The new slogan is confidently beautiful. In the past the winner was only the most beautiful
  • Elvira Che Atehwah
    Great Initiative, glamour is taking a different turn now. Not just about shoes , clothes, make-up or perfume, we can always slip in an aspect of positive change in all our activities
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