There are a multitude of barriers for women in leadership includin gender stereotyping and lack of mentoring.

What are the other factors that hinder the women to leadership roles? Any thoughts?

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  • Wilhelmina Tameca Gaoses

    I am taken by this: Challenges/Barries of Women in Leadership

    My Barrier which I find profoundly sad is Between us Women= Solidarity .. We preach consistently on unity and women empowerment, gender equality yet we commonly are know Not to work together in solidaity and thus working towards a common goal. We are endlessly shadowed ny men who we choose to Lead us and would very rarely empower a women to lead...

    I am having a dream and a vision to establish a All Women-led Political Party in my country there is so many social injustices that is driving me sometimes a a bioling piont that I truly wish that around the world we lobby each other more as women and amplify voices of change to penetrate into the political spaces and make sure that we are there to Drive influence, Carry Impact and Be the drivers of change in how democracy and governance is done in our countries..


  • Alaeddine Oueslati
    I think sexism in the workplace, or what I call "professional sexism" is probably the worst of all practices when it comes to leadership. Employsers need to work based on merits and skills and look past gender differences. 
    • Dr Ishrat Bano
      I agree Alaeddine! The employers should not be gender biased and give priority to merit and qualification. Howevr, unfortunately we all are far behind in this practice. 
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  • Faith A.C Ayegba
    Cultural limitation is also another aspect that limits women to occupying leadership roles.
    • Dr Ishrat Bano
      Although women and men have same level of ambition and talents but there is a wide gap in outocme. Our cultural beliefs, stereotypes and values create biased perception about women's ability to lead effectively. 

      Thanks for the comment Faith!
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  • Mayukh Sen
    The basic barrier which is stopping the growth of women leadership is the conservative mentality of the society. In this so called male dominated society women are getting suppressed because of various reasons. For example taking in consideration their family, guardians are scared of their daughter being suppressed in the society which stops a woman to pursue in what they want. The bitter truth is beacuse of manipulation men have captured the heart of effective leadership and the way it is done is by looking down upon women. The time the world's mentaity changes form conservative to open mindness then there would be no barriers in women leadership
    • Dr Ishrat Bano
      And the worst thing is we like to think ourselves as fair and unbiased. However, we all, somehow,  are part of this behaviour.
      We should work together to improve and overcome these barriers . The men obviously can play a vital role in their own capacity as father, guardian, brothers, employers and higher managemntent staff to empower women and end these barriers.

      Thanks for your comment Mayukh! 
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  • Robert Leggett
    The internal pressure to perform as a man, with masculine percieved strengths, suppresses some of the "organizational change" capital which can and should be leveraged from a woman's perspective. This also can hinder relationships and the approach to problem solving.
    • Dr Ishrat Bano
      The descriptive biased is also a major barrier and slows down the women to achieve leadership roles. The organizations should
      take into acount a perspective from both males and females to initiate a change.

      Thanks for your comment Robert! 
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  • Manisha Kad
    Many factors can be barriers for growth of women. Money matters most. Though mentoring is available, some can not afford the fees. In some cases families does not support. In some cases, she doesn't want to struggle and prefers comfort life. I have seen all types women around me. Some are suffering with a lot of personal issues. Some are supportive, some cometite with women. Some have taken the education but not able to get break because of lack of experience. Some are getting high resistance from me. Some are victim of politics. One thing is very sure, if they keep trying they can get their goal.  
    • Dr Ishrat Bano
      I second your thoughts Manisha!

      These all factors play as barriers to women inleadership. The hardest part is keep trying when you are not supported.

      I wish to provide courage, mentorship and support to as many people as I can to overcome these hurdles! 
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  • Eunice Kajala
          Thanks for your comment.We are living in a world of competition, men governors and leaders may not like the idea of putting "ladies" in leadership positions, but if women are well trained, believe in themselves that they have " substance to prove" that they are capable, they can take the positions," it is survival for the fittest".
    • رحاب محمد
      Hello, Iam sorry to say that but what you are saying is animals law as who is the strongest wins but i need to tell you that we are humans living in areal world not in a jungle
      Rehab Ismail Is afemale from Egypt
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  • Ogbeyalu Okoye
    Society and culture plays an extensive role in preventing women to reach their goals and potentials, laws have to be changed to make them favorable to women empowerment.
  • Eunice Kajala
    Many women have not been trained to take a decisive role at a family level, this can be observed in African families, as a result, most of them lack confidence in leadership positions.They tend to be fearful when making decisions.
    • رحاب محمد
      Hello Eunice: if the problem that women are not well trained so if we  teach  them leadership programmes and trained them well  in this case the problem will be solved as it is not abig deal but here remains the question afrter training them are men governers and leaders would put them in leadership positions?
      Rehab Ismail is afemale from Egypt
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  • رحاب محمد
    Hello DR Ishart :  do you think if men are successful leaders would they prevent women from leadership? the answer is no because if they have self confidence that they are the best they would help women to be leaders as if what ever  the women did they will still the best because they deserve it but because they lack this self confidence and they are sure that women have the ability to be  the best leaders they are trying to prevent them as in my Country Egypt for example there some judges says that they are the best and that i donot deserve to represent my country because iam awoman but i challenge them to pass all the international programes which i passed or even succeed in it as instead of studying and passing it they claims that my certificates is their but this is not true because my name as awoman is on this cerificates and that is  because iam the one who passed it but iam saying to these corrupted lazy men if you want my place they have to earn it, pass all the programmes i passed , have all the qualification i had, be fluent in English like me by studying and working at the same times for long hours  and days ,at this time only we will see if you deserve it or not but not by deception and corruption NoW IT IS OUR TIME AS WOMEN TO SAY TO MEN IF YOU ARE BETTER THAN US PROVE IT
    Rehab ismail is afemale from Egypt
    • Dr Ishrat Bano
      Dear Rehab,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I also work as a mentor and motivational speaker for various organizations including Harvard and Cambridge.

      I have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of leaders in the past years, about paving the way for women ascension to leadership. Yet the bitter reality is that despite a crucial need to eqaute leadership ranks with more women. we are not making much progress for an effective change.

      I HIGHLY APPRECIATE YOURSELF.  You indeed are a WINNER  and doing great as a woman, but in general, we are not seeing the REAL CHANGE that is the need of time. 

      Stay motivated and manifest your best life possible!

      Your friend,


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  • Moureen Njule Eseme
    In addition to those, I think other reasons are that they do not have the required training needed for the position, a phenomenon facilitated by patriarchal system where boys are favoured over girls and parents prefer to send their sons to school instead of girls. Another factor is family and work priorities clash, where women are faced with choosing between their jobs and their family.
    • Dr Ishrat Bano
      Thanks for the thoughtful comment Moureen!
      These indeed are the realities of life which we will overcome by staying motivated and working persistently.
    • رحاب محمد
      Hello Mourine: i  passed many leadership programmes as well as many diplomatic programes, my family never objected my education , i can take big as well as desisive decisions beside i have strong personality , and have all the qualification that alot of leaders in my country donot have but they are trying to prevent me  so this means that these are not the right reasons behind this it is  their selfishness and lack of confidence as they imagine that women are less level than them , because they are failures because if they are not they would prove this by action not by words
      Rehab Ismail afemale from Egypt
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