Asking for ID card from Empower Women, when i try to visit any NGO?

When I try to visit any NGO, they ask for ID card or letter from Empower Women Champian for writing article about them, are you experiencing the same? 

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  • Tinuola Aina
    I believe all has been said. A link to the selected names on any of the Empower Women social media platforms would be helpful.
  • Adina Laura Achim
    I didn't encounter this issue but you can print out the page or take a screenshot of the webpage in order to show your participation in the program.
  • claudia rivas
    Well in my case for the rally i was able to get a story thanks to showing a company my profile in empower women.

    For example right now my father is trying to get me an opportunity to speak at a local college. I gave him a copy of the webpage where they announce the champions and they have accepted him and me.
    I guess is enough proof the webpage.
  • Carol Ajie
    The Toolkit I believe we all received it early this morning says  we could update our profile online and add the Champion column to it cos it is official. Thank you
  • Dominic Boima
    Yes - I faced the same challenges with some agencies, but I had to explain myself and also provide them with a link to the empower women website. With I was able to eat all the information I wanted. 

  • Faith A.C Ayegba
    Hello Manisha, its unlikely that would be given. However for ease of access in your work/projects, you can get the link where empowerwomen team announced the 2016-2017 champions4change to include in your proposals or better still print the introductory content on the link where champions were listed. I think that would suffice.

    All the best!
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