African women needs more than skill acquisition

Support for African female entrepreneurs has come in the form of small financial subsidies or skills training limited to subsistence work  such as basket weaving, soap making or small scale agriculture. Even social enterprises often overlook the possibility of women creating small, medium or large businesses that could drive job creation and innovation across the continent. Africa women wishing to become entrepreneurs lack access to good quality and locally relevant information about how to build a modern business. The global narrative surrounding Africa women remain the same: that they are poor victims only worthy of charity rather than investment, with your help, we want to change that...
  • Joel Odota
    Thanks for sharing this!  The previous comment is exactly what i thought. There are heaps of opportunities that women could use, they only need to "get out of the bos" or break the glass to enjoy them. Women need to be educated on their own rights and they all need to realize that if they broke the glass it is not an offense but just claiming back rights that belonged to them. I totally agree with your point of equipping women with skills of finacial literacy as well s technology.. I believe in "teaching a man how to fish" than giving fish to this man everyday. These women need the skills and all the tools required for them to live in a sustainable way in their communities. They do not need to be spoonfed. If we take women to be given things every time, they will not realize that they are really entitled to certain things in the community and would be relaxed
  • Dorcas Tshuma
    Hi Abiodum, 

    You have good points there!

    In my view, I think the opportunities are there for women to expore but its just that most of those women, they dont even know hence the need for capacity buiding, workshops, seminar and extensive information dissemination. Each woman can be empowered at her own level, those that are involved in soap making it is still fine as long as there is a source of sustainable livelihood. 

    In as much as Africa women dont need sympathy or charity but we as women we need a zeal and we need to empower ourselves step by step with patience and determination. We have to tell ourselves that YES , we can do it
  • Millicent Wambui
    i agree! African women dont need sympathy or charity.We need to be empowered! Its time the world changes that negative attitude. 
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