what does women economic empowerment mean to you?

what is women economic empowerment? WEE to me entails equipping women with resources for self sustenance,it means giving women a voice.It also means helping women break free from barriers that have held them economically  bound,it is teaching a woman  how to fish rather than give her fish to eat today because truth is the fish will be eaten and she will become hungry again and come back for more,but when she is taught she will have more than enough to eat and will even mentor,train others to be better fisherwomen,so the question is  what does women economic empowement mean to you?

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  • Mildret Kujinga
    WEE  to me  talks to lots of different issuesand areas but which need to be connected together ,empowering is availing  opportunities to good education as core, women have a right to acqurin knowledge for all stages from basic to specialisation..And secondly let their voices be heard, women may have skills in solving certain critical economic problems but if they are not granted opportunities to contribute as key participants it means theit voice is silenced and as such nothe empowered.
  • Ogbeyalu Okoye
    Women economic empowerment give women a stand in the society. It teaches women new skills, educates them to make an impact in the society. Gives them a financial stand and helps them contribute positively.
  • Ruwadzano Patience Makumbe
    WEE is a very broad concept and to me it involves different stages that are necessary to fully realose it. Education is a crucial component in all the stages. When women are well-educated on their rights, thei capabilities, opportunities and resources they are bound to stand up and develop and also contribute to the development of their communities. To me education is the primary ingredient in WEE. Education goes a long way as that education is imparted on generations and generations and this creates a cycle of women who are well informed. 
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