Technology as an Enabler for Womens Economic Empowerment

I was reading this article  on how technology can help  or hinder women entrepreneurs and what struck is the writer's illustration on how technology can hinder women's economic empowerment. The writer gives an example of an app that notifies women of available domestic work . She writes:
"......for the first time having a record of exactly how much time they have worked, and therefore earnt, because the app carefully tracks this information. On the other hand, gender digital literacy gaps mean male family members may engage with the platform on their behalf – and therefore control women’s working lives."
All along I have always hailed technology as an enabler for Womens Economic Empowerment...never looking at the possible ways technology could disenable. What are your thoughts on this? What ways can technology disenable women's economic empowerment? How can they be overcome?

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  • Lydia Olanike Oladapo
    A good knowledge and know how of the use of technology will also go a long way to help with the threats highlighted.e.g fraud e.t.c.
    Women can be empowered by getting deeper training on the use of technology. Women can help other women by teaching them "how to " to something in an informal setting. It doesnt have to be a formal school. Show a woman how to use a gadget etc today. You would have empowered one women and made her stronger.
  • Mildret Kujinga
    There is no doubt technology has unlocked great  business potential but it comes with its negative, women must be equipped with risk mitigation skills they should be educated on how to do information verification using the Internet and many other means, we are very much prone to cyber threats and frauds due to limited digital literacy so we should encourage one another to familiarize with cyber platforms, ask others for more information pertaining websites you don't understand.
  • Eunice Kajala
    Hi Christine, technology can work both ways as an enabler or disenabler of Women Economic Empowerment.Positively, technology can add knowledge and skills through on line courses, webinars etc. Can explore more opportunites via diferent platforms e.g Up Work, Can advertise variety of products on line, Can work as a consultant electronically, Can receive different health information, diet and lifestyle coaching and counselling.
    Negatively, on line communication with unknown can lead to trafficking, sexual abuse and sometimes death.May also land on traps of fake job advertisements.
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