Thank you for this initiative to #breaktheglass and tell the story of my very close friend, Frances. 

Frances was going through emotional abuse because her relatives and friends friends treated her with scorn because she was up-to the age of marriage but was not married. 
She was under pressure to marry so that she could earn the regard of the society and relatives.  So she hurriedly married a man who was also dating other women. On her wedding night, she overheard her husband telling another woman that he had to marry Frances because his family arranged it. When she tried to confirm it with him, the husband beat her up on their wedding night. 
She became very depressed and withdrawn to the extent that the husband would beat her and lock her up in the house for days. 
This continued until one day, she quit her job in a bit to make her marriage work only to discover that the husband had been living with another woman in another town from where he used to visit her. At this point, she had to divorce the man and started living her life to the fullest. 
She was used as a money bag for a husband who did not love but only wanted money to spend. 
Now She is living her life happily. 

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  • Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah
    You both are correct, the fact that she was financially independent helped her a lot else she would have had more problems than she got. 
    So, woman, try your best to be productive!!! Don't always depend on others. 
  • Doreen Anene
    It's very unfortunate that Frances had to go through all of that. But thank God she came out alive and she is happy. 
    Although the sad truth remains that so many other women are going through what she went thru ( maybe even worse) and they are stuck. 
    Frances was empowered. She had a job, she probably had some savings and was able to quit her job and take a decision to leave. 

    Trying to manage this....I suggest that parents should avoid putting unnecessary pressure on their kids to get married. the should rather be encouraged to do more exploits and develop them selves.

    Females should also be confident and not get carried away by the wedding bells ringing almost every weekend.

    Girls should also surround themselves with friends who tjink positive and be members of forums that strengthens their confidence such as Empower Women.

    Above all, women should be encouraged to speak out and speak out to the right people.

    It is a tough and rough situation to be in....but with these tips and more, it could get better.

    • Ijeoma Obiajunwa-Ajiamah
      Doreen, you are very correct but most times it is we ourselves that also pressurize ourselves more. 
      You know how it feels when all your friends get married and you are not. Even before the society begins to raise eyebrows on us, we are already getting depressed and jealous. 
      Hmmmm,  we need to learn. 
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