Innovation is key to our financial sucess

A lot of young people wants to be rich but they don't want to work for it. A young women started selling food with about 5 dollars in Nigeria, the food she started selling is called moimoi meaning bean cake, after looking for job for several years and as a graduate she decided to use her skills to put an end to poverty. What is unique about her is that, the food she decided to be selling is known as the business of poor women in our community, but she used are knowledge to make a difference in the business. I am of the opinion that young people should stop blaming the government and start helping the government 
  • Nomzamo Gcwensa
    Hi Abiodun,

    This is a true fact. I couldnt have said it better. Innovation is certainly the key to creating sustainable livelihoods.
  • Maria Pedro Miala
    I totally agree with you and I am a firm believer of innovation and solving problems. This is a great site about innovation:
  • Adina Laura Achim
    Great post..."don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" (JFK)
  • Moureen Njule Eseme

    Yes, solutions should not only come from the government. Now many governments encourage entrepreneurial spirit among youths to solve the endemic unemployment that we are facing.

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