Abuse of domestic workers in Nigeria

In Nigeria 80 % of domestic workers are women and mostly underage children, it is becoming a culture to bring underage children from villages to assist a woman who just put to bed thanks to the grandmothers. Unlike other Africa countries like Kenya and southAfrica, domestic workers have been organized into association and unions to fight for their rights and regulations of their wages in relation to international labour laws, Nigeria have a structured agency to monitor the activities of domestic workers, what we have is federation of informal workers of Nigeria FIWON , of which domestic workers are part of but they don't receive much benefit from the group because they are not into association or unions.
domestic workers do a lot of work in raising our children and most of the time they are abused, unpaid and also humiliated, we don't have enough NGOS in Nigeria to care for this vulnerable group of women, it is very hard to see must of them because they are always inside the house, they work round the clock, no holidays or leave and they don't eat well.
my organization took the great step in initiating this change by sending me to Kenya to learn how they went about structuring their Domestic workers, we are in the process of professionalizing domestic workers in Nigeria with partnership from FIWON but it is a huge burden for us to bear alone and the government is not supporting.
  • Tinuola Aina
    Hello Abiodun. Great strides in the right direction. Of a truth, majority of house helps are maltreated and no authority to speak up on their behalf due to weak structures. 

    I look forward to reading up more on the development achieved in this initiative.
  • Ekaterina Porras Sivolobova
    It is a rough terrain! 

    I am Ekaterina and founded Project 189 in the Middle East to promote the rights of domestic workers, who many come from Africa.

    make sure to also react to the IDWF! and if you need a contact I can connect you. They work particularly on organising DW! 
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  • That is a bold step you've taken. Getting support from the government from the word go doesn't really matter. I think it's the same even with individuals and other organisations. Most people will want to help when they see how determined you are to achieve that which you have started. Therefore, I would urge you to continue fighting for rights of domstic workers then eveyone else will come on board. It's true most domestic workers are over-worked and under-paid and it's the more reason why they tend to abuse little children that remain under their care.
  • Roxana Damas
    Hi Abiodun,

    You are doing amazing work for those who really need it. No doubt it is a huge undertaking and wish you the best and ask that you take care of yourself and your team. Balance of selfcare and re-energizing is the fuel that you need to continue. 

    I want to share with you 2 organizations I know do great work on the topic. I have had the pleasure to work with one of the which is Mujeres Unidas y Activas based in San Francisco, CA. They do great work and partnerships at the local and global level. The second group is "Las Dignas" they are based in El Salvador central America. Check them out and their partners.

    Wishing you the best! 
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