Communicating the value of Women's Rights to Women

One of the biggest hurdles to protecting and enforcing the rights of women globally is the lack of will on the part of women themselves to change the status quo. In many parts of the developing world the idea that women have rights is often viewed with disdain as a "western" idea meant to degrade the cultural heritage of that society. The fact that some women still hold this view presents a challenge for those women who wish to be liberated from partriarchy, as they are often considered rebellious and cast out. How do we convince women to value their rights when they have been soclialized to believe that such rights are not necessary? 
  • Manisha Kad
    It is really challenging task. Woman who struggles for her rights suffers resistance from other women. Main reason for this is our society is not prepared for change. So all women are not strong enough to tolerate opposition from society when they fight for their rights. I personnaly experienced this opposition, when I tried to socialize other women for their rights. In this case we have to continue with our intiative. This is happening with slow speed. I am observing the change in the world around me. In my opinion any new social change happens slowly as this require change in beliefs in mind and beliefs are hard to break.
  • Shalini Prakash
    Hi Thabo, this is a tough change. My maid does not want her daughters to study much as their community may not like it- it is perceived that a very educated girl is not a good daughter in law, as she may stand up for her rights or voice her opinions. But if we can educate the mothers on how their daughters can lead a better life if they were exposed to women's rights, it could work. And remember, mothers always want the best for their children, so we need think of a story line that will motivate mothers to take their daughter's life seriously.. this could slowly bring a change in the society
  • Stella Bakibinga
    Thanks Thabo. I have personally interacted with women who have come to terms with the negative attributes society bestows upon them. These women have in a way been indoctrinated and are difficult to change. I therefore think that the starting point should be with the current generation. We need to make women understand that breaking such social barriers begins with us, if the coming generation are to enjoy equality.
    • Thabo Mubukwanu
      Unfortunately too many women have internalized the social perception of women. It difficult to change like you said. We need to change the way we educate young ones both male and female if we're to truly relaize equality.
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  • Courtney Mone't Randolph
    I believe we can start by mapping out the benefits of valuing their rights to small groups of women in developing countries and build to holdng larger summits in specific areas. Im personally holding an economic empowerment event in 2017. If you are interested we can connect on social media.
    omen in the developing worlds do not have access to the technology that we have that gives us the advantage of seeing how valuing your rights can give you a better quality of life as a woman. It is one of the better influences that we have on each other where social media is concerned. We can start by bringing these values and benefits to the table for these women to learn, observe and discern. 
    • Thabo Mubukwanu
      Great idea Courtney! I'll definitely check it out! Indeed more support for awareness is needed but also protection because many times women become aware of their rights but when they go back to their homes or places of work they are almost powerless because their rights are still not respected.
    • Stella Bakibinga
      Thanks Courtney. This is a great idea. I will link up with you on Facebook.
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