Importance of Education in our communities

i recently realized that there are high levels of unemployment in my country and it saddened me to see that majority included women and children. i remember growing up and my father always reminding how important school was, if i was to survive in life. i was blessed to have a mentor and someone to push me into being my best but not every girl has that opportunity. i hope i can be that one day and hopefully help other girls to do the same. lets pay more attention to our environments because sometimes all she needs is someone to tell her she is capable.
  • Joy Eze
    Yes! Education is the key that helps to unlock all other challenges.It important every one is educated.
  • Stella Bakibinga
    Education is definitely the only guaranteed life time investment. We need to always encourage the girls within our reach to push on with education, even when faced with tough times.
  • Edzai Zvobwo
    There is no substitution for education. I just hope that education systems across the globe will reform and teach relevant content to learners. A lot of them leave school with skills that dont apply in the real world. 
    • Stella Bakibinga
      True, there is a lot of irrelevant content being imparted to children in schools.
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  • Fasiha Farrukh
    No doubt education is the most important thing. If we could not do anything big, then we must try to do something little like encouraging and motivating other girls and women towards studies. Make them understand the drawbacks if they do not make themselves equipped with the education and skills. Providing volunteer education is also a helpful stance.
  • Manisha Kad
    Education is important factor in our life. Especially for women it is opportunity to achieve financial independence and self empowerment. High levels of unemployment is due to lack of skilled and industry based education. Entrepreneurship is one way to create job opportunities. I have a lot of work experience in industry, based on that one thing is sure that when we think differently, we can create job opportunities for us as well as others which will solve the problems in community. For example, if we think of solve the gaps between education and skill required for job, you can think of a lot of opportunities in particular area. Same thing is with each business sector. When we started thinking of problem situation, there exists opportunity for business or job creation. This is my own experience. My father also always encouraged me for education because of which i achieved a lot in my life.
  • Courtney Mone't Randolph
    Employment is one of the major keys to women's economic empowerment. It is a powerful driving force. We have to support one another on a global scale and understand the differences we each face in our own different cultures.
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