What's the key to peace?

Latest acts of terrorism made me thinking again about the same: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/humanity-crisis-nataliia-kolosova?trk=prof-post The only way to peace is love, respect, tolerance.. Love yourself, the others, the world around you 🌞😉🌻

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  • Charmi R
    It seems simple enough. Why would someone not want peace? Why would someone choose death, chaos, hatred and destruction as a way of life over happiness? I used to think war is a mere disruption, an outlier event, but the equilibrium in the world is peace. Sadly, as I have grown older and observed whats happening in the world, my utopian beliefs have changed. Some people actually want to deliberately destroy peace - as an act of vengeance, jealousy, greed or power. And we must be wary of letting these dangerous people gain any influence in society or our lives. One lasting way to ensure peace is to elect the right representatives in government. Voice your opinion for candidates you believe in and actively participate in the democratic process. Social media has made it easier and safer than ever to speak up. I agree with individuals below that peace come from within. True, but stopping at gaining inner peace, is not enough. Channel this inner peace and positivity to help friends, relatives, acquaintances see the right path if they are on the wrong. Sow the 'peace' seeds early and raise kids right - to respect people from all backgrounds (gender, country, race, religion, sexual orientation, social status) and be tolerant, kind and compassionate. The words of Rabindranath Tagore are very relevant here: Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high Where knowledge is free Where the world has not been broken up into fragments By narrow domestic walls Where words come out from the depth of truth Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever-widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.
  • Maria Caridad Neneth Moreno-Bagadiong
    First, where does peace begins? It begins with ME. It begins with one's self. When I am at peace with myself, automatically I am at peace with others. Basically, when one is at peace with one's self all the moral virtues follows.
  • Nwanda Oluka
    War and anarchy are manifested from every habitable state whether at the community level or at the international level. In answering this question, i would look at it from 2 angles; at the micro level and at the international level. At the micro level; peace education should be incorporated into school syllabuses. The community equally has a role to play here by leading by example. Showing understanding, tolerance and love as you have rightly pointed out to everyone. At the international level, i would ask for the sovereignty of nations to be respected by other countries, respecting treaties and peace agreements is also fundamental. Peace can be achieved if national governments and global bodies really work towards actualizing it through inclusive polices. The change may be slow and gradual but it can be done.
  • Nwedobong Okon
    A lot of things stand in the way of attaining a peaceful society. So many things are dividing us with the most common cause of intolerance being religion. We've recorded a high level of religion based violence this year alone amidst other crimes of intolerance. I am of the opinion that religious reforms can go a long way to restore a level of peace and an increased love and tolerance for people who differ in their religious views and practices.
  • Renu Ghimire
    The question that you have posed for the discussion is very difficult to answer since there are many different answers to the question. It all depends on what we focus on and from where do we begin! But the ultimate way is to spread love, respect and tolerance as you rightly pointed out.
    • Nataliia Kolosova
      Yeah. I've been thinking about for a while. And it hurts to see so much of pain, cruelty, wars, .. Any kind of conflicts. I wish we could transmit love (respect, tolerance, desire to understand ) to each Earth citizen, to warm all touched stony hearts, to take off all sadness and achieve that utopia :) Because too many people will suffer and die before conflicts will be stopped or lighted at least... (((
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  • Nataliia Kolosova
    Goal 16 of Sustainable Development: "Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies" and one of its targets is significant reduction of all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere... There is the next answer on the question : "What can we do?" "As a citizen, take a genuine interest in what your government is doing, and raise awareness in your communities about the realities of conflict and the importance of peaceful and just societies. Take action in your communities through the help of schools, clubs, teams and organizations to promote peace and justice. By improving conditions for a life of dignity, by reducing inequalities and by promoting peaceful societies, we can make crossing international borders a matter of informed choice, not desperate necessity." My native country Ukraine now suffers from civil war, supported by neighboring country, high level of corruption and the latest reforms of new government have worsen qualıty of life, caused deterioration of social values, There is a big dilemma: people are not satisfied with the government but changing government is also costly, and it's possible only in radical way, which means new global (in the frame of country) war, new conflict, new thousands of deaths.... Unity, patience, desire to understand each other, be tolerant and respect opposite opinion is a base for stabilization of the situation. Me and such people like me try to talk about this with other radical people, but it's quite complicated when people are not ready to hear.... "a voice crying in the wilderness"...
  • Joy Eze
    That is true! We should love others as we love ourselves, when we do this the world would be better for all to live.
    • Nataliia Kolosova
      Dear Joy! kindly thankful for your opinion! have you any suggestion, how can we empower the others to spread love to soften and beautify the world? maybe some lectures at schools? or some special master classes held by some units of UN? or have we to talk with people around us on this topic? what personally we, each of us, can do for common peace? even a little thing done by many people brings synergistic result...
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  • Liz Guantai
    Recent acts of terrorism are sad, inhuman and very disturbing. I am a concerned global citizen as well. We should all be. Let us pray for the restoration of humanity in the world. Let us preach peace in our local communities in our own small ways. And we shall make a difference.
    • Well said Liz! Everyone of us has a responsibility towards preaching peace everywhere
    • Nataliia Kolosova
      Dear Liz, many thanks for your time for expression your opinion! yes, indeed, there are no "small ways" - sometimes even the smallest action can become a beginning of something really great.. so any positive impact is meaningful and necessary...
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  • Well said Nataliia! LOVE is the only ultimate solution to what most countries are going through. It will take centuries before accomplished and the reason for that is injustice and inequalities being experienced by three quarters of the world population and no body cares about it.
    • Yes injustice can be eliminated by 90%! But not in this 21st century!
    • Nataliia Kolosova
      thank you so much, dear Robert! so pleased to read your comment! how do you consider: injustice can be eliminated?
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