Hillary Clinton clinches historic nomination but her husband's photos dominate front newspaper pages

Hillary Clinton may have shattered arguably one of the highest glass ceilings for women in the world by winning a presidential nomination, the first a woman has since the history of the USA. It is a historic and winning moment not just for Hillary but for every woman all over the world. It is therefore appalling that some newspapers in the US put a picture not of Hillary, but of her husband on their front-pages! Bill Clinton gave a great speech and Hillary only spoke briefly so they may not have got any good pictures of her, nonetheless this was Hillary's moment; a woman's moment. So thumbs up to those newspapers that celebrated this moment, those that ran Hillary on their front pages (even using old or screen images), even better like the New York Times that showed women celebrating with 'girl power' posters raised up high. It was a remarkable accomplishment!Congratulations to Hillary and congratulations to all women all over the world!

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  • Catherine Nyoike
    This brought to the fore the issue of sexism in our society. However it's great to see and celebrate women breaking the glass ceilings in politics.
  • It is high time for the media to learn that women can be what they want without depending on a man's fame to be famous. It is very unfortunate to portray Hillary Clinton in that manner by the media!
  • It is an inspirational moment to every woman globally !
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