Against gender based violence

GBV is a very critical issue in the Arab world especially in Egypt, and it reaches its highest rates in crowded and marginalized areas. Me; as a worker in this area on women rights issue and the organization I represent (El Takeiba Center for Artistic and Cultural Development) are trying very hard to work on initiatives and projects to decrease this rates. So in your opinions; what to we need to work on?

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  • Yahaya Abu Bakarr Sheriff
    According to the UN Women: "One in three women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence — mostly by an intimate partner." This is indeed a depressing statistics. The situation becomes even more devastating when you hear news of high profile women getting beaten up - In her youth, singer Madonna was a victim of violence. Her then husband Sean Penn even tied her to the chair. Another mega star Rihanna was also beaten up by her boyfriend Chris Brown. What do these two women have in common - They are rich, famous and known to be very strong women. Although they have come out of these scenarios and are stronger than ever.... do you think such instances send a negative image to both men and women.
  • Heanneah .S. Farwenee
    Despite the many strides in putting an end to GBV it is still prevalent. Hence, many educational awareness need to be carried out.
  • Nwedobong Okon
    The hallmark of gbv is that it happens in low income homes, where either the husband or wife or both of them are not earning (sufficient) income. And observably, the reason that women endure this abuse is usually due to being economically disempowered. Two areas to target importantly would be to share knowledge with these women and to create skill acquisition and entrepreneurship training for the women. I believe these are some of the effective ways. Also educate and involve the men.
  • Michel Choto
    GBV is also very prevalent in Africa. Social media has played a major role in the last couple of years to bring the issue to light as well as to engage with people and educate men on the issue. More education workshops need to be held for the perpertrators and not only the victims.
  • Fasiha Farrukh
    Violence in the public areas or gatherings has become very common these days. To overcome that, we do not only need the tech- help (like installing cameras, putting alarms, etc), but we also need to do measures on the ground. If things are not settling up, then simply divide the space between genders so that women could move easily and do not hold back just because of fearing harassment. Sharing responsibilities could also assist us in countering GBV. By involving men in overcoming violence, we can make them responsible for taking action for the thing that they are mainly accused of doing. This will be an example for other men as well and this is how we can tackle the culture of GBV too. Educate men and boys through workshops, short films, and casual gatherings that how worst is it to get involved in GBV and not to stop it. Using public spaces and respectable figures from the society to pass the message will also help in a greater way. Hope these few ideas will help you towards this great cause. Good Luck!
  • Renu Ghimire
    Hi Nouran. It is great to hear that your organisation is working to ending GBV, one of the pressing problems of the world. As an advocate, I am also concerned about the rising rates of GBV around the world. I think it would be better if you design projects that focus on transforming the violent behavior of boys especially starting from their childhood.
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