Women and Land Inheritance

In my community most families do not allow women to inherit land. To them land is man's business where women are restricted from demanding to own a piece of father's land. Land inheritance has become man's right and women have decided to mute on this matter of fear of being cursed. The society assumes that the women automatically inherits her husband's land once is married. Few people who have started seeing the importance of allowing women to inherit their land. I think men need to be liberated from this notion of denying their sisters and daughters the right of inheriting land and other family assets. Woman is regarded as a property of the husband! 1. In your community are women allowed to inherit land and other family assets? 2. What does the law in your country states on land inheritance? 3. What need to be done to allow more women to inherit their father's land? 4. How does disinheriting women land affects negatively women economically?
  • Nwanda Oluka
    You have said it all here. Traditionally, women are denied the right to inherit land but with the beautiful examples shared from other countries; it only goes to show that proper and effective legislation is the way out of this debacle posed by a patriarchal society. It logically follows from this that the next step is proper implementation of the said laws to achieve its purpose. My Question goes thus; Has all the laws from Kenya, Uganda etc being properly implemented and how? In Nigeria where i come from, we have diverse traditions. Some allow women inheriting land and some do not. Sharia law from my little understanding in the Northern part of Nigeria protects women's inheritance rights. A recent judicial pronouncement from the Supreme Court of Nigeria upheld the right of the female child to inherit properties in Igboland and thereby voiding the said custom. The court held that the custom was discriminatory and conflicts with the provision of the 1999 constitution.
  • Renu Ghimire
    Traditionally women had no right to land inheritance recognized by law. As a matter of fact, the Nepali women had no right to inherit the parental property until an amendment to the Country Code was introduced in the 90's. Now, the government has given various incentives to encourage the land registration in woman's name. One of such incentives is the introduction of 3 percent remission in the land registration taxes registered in the name of women.
  • @Liz Your great input much appreciated!
  • Liz Guantai
    In Kenya, the Current Constitution upholds gender equality in property ownership, including inheritance. This is facilitated by the Law of Succession Act, the main legislation for settling inheritance disputes. The Constitution also outlaws harmful cultural practices and traditional methods of dispute resolution which are repugnant to justice and morality. The current law in Kenya does not discriminate between married and unmarried women. All categories are allowed and infact supposed to inherit property.
    • Stella Bakibinga
      Wow! This is great. In some Asian societíes women are not allowed to inherit land.
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  • @Stella Yes I agree with you and the rest of you. Let government enact bills that make it illegal for not to inherit daughters the same portion of land as sons.
  • Stella Bakibinga
    In Uganda the 1997 Land Act makes it possible for women to inherit land. However the biggest challenge is the customs which make some people Think that women should not own land. In that regard, women in Uganda own only 16% of the registered land. Land is one of the crucial livelihood assets, without which women cannot prosper. There should therefore be law enforcement to make it a must for parents to give part of their land to girl children when making wills.
  • Joy Eze
    It was the culture that was responsible for this earlier in my community, but we have been able to mentor the stakeholders on the needs and benefit of women land ownership. Now in my community it no longer exists. Refusal of women land ownership leads to draw back on nation’s economic development. Women should inherit their fathers land because; they are great leaders, investors and perfect managers of all situations. Not just because they are their fathers child. Also because, they can manage the property much more than most male child that will be thinking of how best to sell the land
    • Stella Bakibinga
      Joy, with cultural norms watered down, how much land do women own in your Community? It would be very interesting to learn from the experience of your Community.
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  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem
    In my community,women are allowed to own land but it varies from one family to another because there are some barbaric laws that prevent women from owning landed property. First of all,traditional rulers needs to be sensitized that women as well as men are equal and have the right to inherit land because these traditional rulers are custodian of the tradition and they can always revise these archaic tradition. When women are deprived from inheriting land,it affects them negatively because most often, when women want to start income generating activities, when they go to banks to acquire loans,they will need collateral security which is mostly land and because these women don't own land,the loan will not be given to them.
    • Stella Bakibinga
      Evelyn, the same applies to where I come from in Uganda. My father for example in his will gave his daughters larger portions of land than the boys. It therefore varies.
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