Women in the Boardroom

A recent study (http://ow.ly/ikVW300rPkQ) shows the top countries with the most women in the boardroom with Norway leading on the list at 39% women representation in the boardroom. How can all nations encourage gender equality at higher levels in companies, especially developing countries?
  • Stella Bakibinga
    A lot needs to be done because countries which have taken such huge strides have not achieved that overnight. In some countries for example women are still the least educated thus making it ímpossible for them to compete for such positions.
  • Tonny Okello
    Thanks Heeshma Chhatralia. Its nice hearing this that women are now taking you positions or critical decision making at top most positions. To take a leaf from the example that Norway has set, we need to first consider the difference in the economy, level of development, literacy levels, cultural settings etc in reference to these developing countries. This can be archived and possible to achieve. Through the following critical ways; 1. Empowering the communities. This is both academically and economically. When the communicated is educated, it tends to have a different perspective of things and develop a different judgement towards people including women and further this makes them force the realities of life differently including offering employment, tend not to discriminate although not guaranteed. And economically, if the community is empowered it tend to want to support women to gain the economic independence, coupled with academic community will want fairness. 2. Implementing policies that protect and promote women at work places. Governments need pass and implement policies that protect and allow promotion the place of work that are fair and based on performance and merit. This will help eliminate issues like discrimination, segregation, unfair treatment and above all create some form of leveled ground for fair competition. 3. Change in cultural/traditional beliefs. The way community thinks, behaves,lives, relates, and see things needs to be changed but not necessarily eroded as some of these beliefs and cultures help groom community in a good way. Cultures and beliefs like women are fit for the kitchen, or women are mens' properties, etc need to be eliminated and valued attached to the women so that they get quality education just like the boys and this eventually empower them to rise to the boardrooms and discuss, and make critical decisions.
  • Companies and governments need to start seeing the benefits come along with diversity of women in the boardrooms.
  • Renu Tandon
    You need government quotas to begin with, if left to intent of corporate alone, these never take off and you see no real movement.
    • Stella Bakibinga
      True Renu. Quotas have helped women reach positions which were previously a reserve for men.
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