Women who've fallen, now standing tall.

Last year, I founded a martial arts academy with the specific purpose of empowering women. The social enterprise, has been founded, purely to empower women who've suffered physical abuse at home or elsewhere. The social enterprise aims to fund the tuition of these women over a 12 month course. The outcome of the course, enabling them to graduate and go teach tactical self defence to other women. Located in Western Sydney, Australia, the school has not yet achieved exposure to gain students, despite being in the geographical centre of statistically high domestic violence in the home. I would welcome opinion or feedback on this operation.
  • Margaret Ngugi
    Maybe a question to ask is if martial arts is demystified in the area. Some skills or arts are seen as "not for me" so demystifying them to the local population as something everyone can use may be a way to drive traffic. Or, maybe you can start by holsing the sessions as support groups but the martial arts becomes the secondary activity.
  • Thabo Mubukwanu
    Great initiative! Seeing that this is a very sensitive issue for many women who have been victims, I imagine it is not easy to come out in the open about being abused. This may be preventing them from enrolling in the program. Perhaps revising the "marketing strategy" of the program and like Stella mentioned working with qualified social workers to make the women feel comfortable would increase participation.
  • Stella Bakibinga
    Thanks Paul for this great initiative. You may perhaps have to start with the social workers who can help you identify the Girls that are in need of these skills. This way the school will eventually gain more students.
  • Mary Mkoji
    This a good practice that am sure with time will gain recognition and momentum.......this is a good initiative as physical abuse comes with a lot of emotional distress and loss of self esteem; training on martial arts and self defense in a way restores the women's dignity and their strength as there is the confidence that they can now protect themselves. We all fall but what defines us is how we rise after falling..... Stand Tall!!!
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