Our actions have consequences and rights carry with them responsibilities.... RIGHT??? It is important that as we stand for the rights of women and are champions for WEE that we are well aware of the numerous responsibilities that come along. We need to be deliberate and seek to have a holistic approach in creating awareness on both the rights and responsibilities. My two cents - as we continue to push for the recognition of women so that they can participate more fully and equally let us also ensure that they are well equipped to take up the new roles and deliver. I am interested to hear your views in this as well as what initiatives that are double-edged and focus on both Empowerment and responsibilities...........

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  • Margaret Ngugi
    True...in fact the soft skills are the most important. Technical stuff is easy to get but being able to manage elegantly and still remain a lady while we do this is important. Why? because we try to become like men to succeed and then they take it as competition. I think responsibility for us lies in being ourselves and bringing a unique edge, excellence and refined skills.
  • Teresa Abila
    I second this discussion.It is true that by empowering women and advocating for gender equality,women must be ready to be part of the responsibilities that comes with it both opportunities and challenges.I also believe that WEE is about instilling both transferable and non-transferable skills that would enable women to take up the challenges that are in front of them.For example,When we advocate for equal pay,we expect women to be at par(possess skills) with the men at that level.It's unfortunate that women especially the elite always possess the skills that would enable them advance economically but in most cases,they are denied an avenue to showcase their abilities and if given,doesn't match their capabilities. Much work still remains with the rural/poor women who need to be given the skills but once that is done,Iam absolute sure,they will deliver above the normal.
  • Thabo Mubukwanu
    Indeed, its not just about creating the opportunities but also ensuring that they are utilized. Also its important to remember as women that once we get to that status of equality we will be expected to perform.
  • Joy Eze
    Great!Women are known to be great leaders,investors and peacemakers.Pushing for the recognition of women,we need to think of the rural women they contribute greatly to the development of the nation but they are not recognized.Capacity building workshops and training and social behavioral change communication will help us to archive this goal.
  • Stella Bakibinga
    True, women need to know that with rights comes responsibilities. With equality, all women must rise up to the standards.
  • Chaturbhuj Yadav
    I second Mary's thoughts. Short training programs and economic empowerment workshops (preferably to rural women) can also lead us to our purpose.
  • Nwedobong Okon
    Luckily we have this platform and others like this who are working hard to provide traineeship opportunities for self development. We can take advantage of this and also invite other women interested in leadership and learning to benefit from this by becoming members.
  • Catherine wachu
    I agree Mary, It is always key for people to accountable, with accountable there is always some level of ownership thus improved performance.
  • Catherine Nyoike
    I agree with you Mary, it's important to ensure we equip women with the necessary skills so that they can take up new roles and demonstrate competence which will earn them credibility
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