• Rekha Jadhav
    Spreading awareness among the parents the benefit of educating girls is one way to address early marriages in rural areas. There is a need to mentor women to educate the girls and help them to become independent so that they can contribute for the betterment of their family and society too. whereas the gender based violence in schools can be addressed by mentoring the teachers and school management to promote equality in treating the girls and boys equally and not to show any biased treatment among them.
  • Zeituna Ali
    Nice approach Margaret thanks
  • Margaret Ngugi
    I think that reverse mentorship may be a good way. Most of the time we talk to the girls and their parents. Sometimes it works but from a business perspective, if there is no demand then the supply will naturally be reduced. How about speaking to the boys and their families especially those of marriage age and educate them on the benefits of having an educated wife. That way they may consider marrying later and the girls will have a chance to get older as they study. Ofcourse it has to be concurrent with mentoring girls and their families too.
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