How do we unlock markets for more women in trade..

women in trade still face barriers even after the launch of the United Nations Convention on elimination of inequalities women face.Over 155 countries still have unfavourable barriers that affect women,how do we address this?

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  • Courtney Mone't Randolph
    Check out the Trade+Impact organization
  • Margaret Ngugi
    Community and mentorship. Women are by nature cautious beings so having people around who can give the push and the togetherness to pursue would really help.
  • Winny Chepkemoi
    Mentorship Access to information Education Equal trade barriers This are the key aspects that can help women in trade soar higher to international trade markets.
  • Joy Eze
    Women need to be mentored in their various businesses ,be financial literate so they can operate their business effectively , make good use of financial opportunities available that will help their business to grow .
  • Michel Choto
    Women need to be educated, through seminars and workshops on internatoional trade. There are alot if oppirtunities available for wonen to trade however tgey need to be aware and take advantage of these opportunities. For example Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa(COMESA) which is a freetrade zone for 22 member states. This is a goid opportunity for women to go and gain expisure and market their products abd gain access to buyers from several countries. However as i mentioned earlier it starts by educating the women so that they are aware of the opportunities available to them and how they can take full advantage of them.
    • Hope Nankunda
      Education is indeed wisdom. It is the only way Women can sustain their businesses and educate their own children.
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  • Catherine wachu
    Hello Winny, I think support n business, by buying from them, being taught about branding their products, being well articulate and use of technology will go along way.
  • Margaret Ngugi
    1. Women should be educated in the trade in which they want to enter and excel. As women, we must be stellar to be noticed so working harder is a must. 2. Women should advocate for other women in their trade. We have to support one another. 3. Policy must not only be created but enforced with incentives for any organisation that supports women.
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