What do you wish you had known as a teenager/young woman?

I would like to gather tips and advice from women across the globe based on their experiences as teenagers and young women. A lot of young women fall through the cracks without support and I am looking to gather insights for a mentorship program that will help raise successive generations of empowered women. Please share your thoughts on the following questions. What do you wish you had known? What were your biggest challenges as a young woman? What helped you get to where you are now? Thank you all for your input!

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  • Ebtisam Elghblawi
    In this life, not every thing we can achieve and sometimes some dreams stay flashing. However knowledge and determination are the most important tools, and sometimes from failure we can make a success. My moto, never look back and aspire for the best,
  • Janay Sapp
  • Veronica Ngum Ndi

    As a young girl I was not treated as an equal among my peers because I had a disability. I wish I had known how to fight for my rights at that tender age. As I grow up with meaningful focus and goal oriented courage, self confidence, strong will and determination has guide me to where I am today

  • Shiney Choudhary

    I wish I knew what sexual assault was and what I could do to get help. I think its important for a young girl to know what is the wrong kind of touch and that it really isn't her fault if something like that does happen. 

  • Joy Eze

    As a young woman my biggest challenge was how to be equal with others, because there is a big gap between the rich and the poor in the society where I grow up. Strong determination leads me to where I am today. My watch word has been determination today, leads to success tomorrow. And this has really worked for me.

  • Joy Eze

    As a young woman my biggest challenge was how to equal with others, because there is a big gap between the rich and the poor in the society where I grow up. Strong determination leads me to where I am today.

  • Heanneah .S. Farwenee

    I wish I had known that I could pursue any career I had wished. I also wish I knew the power of media. One of my biggest challenges was having access to basic essentials of life.I grew up in abject poverty so I lack many things.

    My parents, and self determination got me to where I am today.

  • Nwedobong Okon
    I wish I had been my unique self, who showed up quite early, without fear of being rejected by my peers. I wish I knew earlier that time is the greatest asset anyone has and should be spent wisely.
  • Dorcas Tiwaa Addai

    To my much younger self, growing up in Ghana, I wish I had known back then that I did not have to align my capabilities, talent and interests to what is socially constructed for girls/women. I wish I was much bolder to start nurturing my passions/interest, to dream as far as I could and not be apologetic of being a female. I always realized in conversations around me, that a girl need not to be more successful than the average man, or she will end up intimidating men and not get married. Marriage seem to be the ultimate achievement, the female was suppose to attain.

    One challenge, I faced was to re-tuned my senses to what I am becoming now- a young woman who is not afraid to pursue her dreams of becoming educated and lead social change in my community. Though, not totally free from societal pressures to settle down and marry after my first degree, I have grown to be a very determined person who will stop at nothing till I see my dreams of becoming a Human Rights attorney come to pass.

    The support of family and my strong will to explore, discover, learn and contribute to societal developmental projects have helped me thus far- to work away from my country.

  • Melanie Bublyk
    When I was a young woman,my biggest challenge was the commercialism surrounding beauty and how young women are made to feel that self image is important and that we need to change the way we look,which puts a lot of pressure on young women whom are already going through puberty.I think what has helped me to feel empowered is that I've been fortunate to obtain a higher education in a society which sees the importance.of educating their citizens.I think everyone should have an apportunity to be educated.I also believe it's never too.late to educate yourself,no matter your age.or the issue.
  • Michel Choto

    I wish i had known that i could study anything i wanted. That i could take any career path i chose, that i could achieve any goals that i set, if i put my mind to it. Instead other people made those decisions for me. Luckily m not that old so i can still follow some of my dreams.

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