Why invest in Women talent?

Investing in women is said to be a key to development. In this view, providing education, or the right ingredients for a business will result in great things: increases in income, empowerment, social inclusion, and improved mental health. Do you beleive women have the right talents worth investing in? If yes, please share what some of these talents are and what you think the best investment would be to develop such a talent.

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  • Poh Ching Tan

    Statistics and reports have already shown the many benefits and positive results from investing in women..so there is seriously nothing to dispute about over this investment other than the only one issue that is brought up with comparison between highly educated women's rate or chances of giving birth to their own children eventually vs that of the lower educated women's scenario.  In my personal opinion, career women or highly educated women's choice to have more or lesser children , this decision is not affected by career plans or education ambitions alone, there are so many factors in life influencing this major decision.  But women, being humans with social needs and being biologically women, most should still desire to have their own children...so why the decision eventually to have only one child or no child at all etc..., let us think about it.  This decision may not just be only hers but that of the husband too or other reasons in life that result in this.

  • Mariela Sanchez

    We are natural managers, we as woman have the ability to distribute resources and to look after others necessities. I think women have the right talents worth investing in, but I don’t think we have those because we are women or not.

    I believe that we all have different abilities and characteristics, and what is worth is investing to improve the abilities and capacities that each of us have. 

    I think the most important thing that we must invest is in adequate environments and circumstances when we as women can develop our strengths to produce more and better results. 

    Mariela Sánchez Mosquera

  • Renu Ghimire

    There are many good reasons to invest in women talent. The only reason I would like to emphasize here is investing in women and her talent means investing in her family because it has been seen in the researches that women think of her family first and then about herself. Women are good leaders and negotiators. There was an interesting podcast of BBC World News that concluded that the world would have been a better place to live in if women ruled it. 

    I think we should invest in women and her talent saluting the different and fresh perspective that she brings into solving every problem and let  this talent of hers thrive.    

  • Hala Bugaighis

    Why Invest in Women? because 1) they deserve an equal opportunity to prove their skills and talents, 2) giving the women their full potential will have it's impact on the growth of the economy,

    The question in my opinion is " Why not invest in Women"?  

  • Joy Eze

    Women are great leaders and investors,investing in women is not only the right thing to do .It is also the best way to go because when you invest in a woman you are ultimately investing in a nation.

  • Heeshma Chhatralia

    Yes Tonny, I agree with you. I guess investing in women talent is important to add global growth while working towards sustainable devleopment goals. Here is an interesting article by McKinsey that is supportive of the views. 

  • Tonny Okello

    Thanks Heeshma Chhatralia, however, when i asked "why invest in women Talent" i meant why do we need to appreciate, and manage the anticipated requirement of women capital that organizations need and plan to have in order to meet their their planned set goals and objectives. Women talent, does not mean ability to cook, wash or stay home and look after the kids. It means the efforts, the ability that women put in to get things done, is at the place of work, is it in business, is it at school? all that is talent. if invested in and women are helped to archive their full potential then so shall we see results in increased household income, empowerment, social inclusion, and improved mental health.

  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem

    Women and girls have untapped talents that needs to be tapped.They are good Managers and Leaders.All they need is empowerment.

  • Evelyn Bisona Fonkem

    Women and girls have untapped talents that need to be tapped.Women are good Manager and Leaders all they need is encouragement and empowerment.

  • Heeshma Chhatralia

    It's not the matter that whether women have the right talents. But I think the focus should be on how we can help women develop skills in whichever field they are interested to grow. Men and women both have some talent or areas that they are skilled in. Some never even have the opportunity to explore such talents and thus maybe even unaware of the abilities they have. This is where we need to invest. Empower girls and women with education, mentor them about economic opportunities and give them the right confidence. I think the best investment is giving them the confidence and the opportunities to grow. It's also important to support them with education.  

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