Women doing business with the government

The government of a country is usually one of the largest buyer of goods and services. Do women in your country trade with the government? and how have women in your country been empowered to take advantage of this opportunity?

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  • Hala Bugaighis

    Thank you @Catherine Nyoike .. Im trying :) 

  • Catherine Nyoike

    Hala, thank you for the insight on Libya and am really glad to see that you are a Lawyer by profession. You represent the potential of Libyan women. Well done.

    Stella, thank you for your contribution too. Getting paid on time  by the government for products or services rendered is a challenge that we also face in Kenya.

  • Stella Bakibinga
    Women in Uganda do business with government but the bureaucracies involved are quite disheartening. Winning a bid is not as hard as chasing after the pay check for the goods or services.
  • Hala Bugaighis

    In Libya, no not at all, women in general don't work much in trade in Libya only on retail business or services like training and HR consultancy and they don't get opportunity as much as men,  in Libya men prefer to deal with men for cultural reason, also corruption and favoritism is one of the main issues in Libya and it affects women in term of being able to compete equally for governmental tenders and contracts. 

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