Material for workshop on starting small business for women

Hi All , A friend is looking for material for creating a workshop on basics of starting a small business . Would appreciate it if you could share any interesting links and resources . Thank you :)

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  • Thanks Michel Choto for recommending I am glad you find it resourceful.

  • Michel Choto

    Hi, try this portal  its a social enterprise with good resources, run by our very own Global Champion Adebisi Haruna.

  • Swati Vempati

    Hi Khadeja, found these links, might be helpful as a starting point:




    - (grants)

  • Thank you @sabin !  she's in the process of creating the material so this will be helpful

    @edith , will keep that in mind

  • Edith Obiosio
    It is quite essential first to train women and girl child on skill acquisition /small scale business training by doing this they are being empowered. At the end of each training they are been empowered with materials to start up with.
  • Sabin Muzaffar

    And one more thing I should add, also read the comments... in the LinkedIn posts... negative or positive... you get to learn alot from that as well. More such stuff can be found on Linkedin, just check out their Pulse channels.

  • Sabin Muzaffar

    At the risk of sounding pompous, I can share with you some of the articles I have written on this subject and if you need any more help please tweet to me at @Critoe  1.) 2.) 3.)  


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