Life Cycle of a Woman's Earning Potential

I came upon an article published in The Guardian describing the 12 pivotal times in a woman's life when she risks losing her earning potential. Over the course of her lifetime, her earnings are sub-par to her male counterparts' earnings, thus perpetuating the cycle of income inequality and gender disparities. I thought it was interesting, albeit disheartening, and hope we can start making changes earlier in our lives. I certainly regret not negotiating my early-career salaries!

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  • Melanie Bublyk

    I read the article and it resonated with me. I've lost a lot of earning potential due to some of the underlying factors raised. I stumbled on another article which I found interesting reading.

  • Renu Ghimire

    Thank you Tazeen, for sharing this. As you mentioned, it is really disheartening to know the fact that women are universally paid less than their male counterparts. What is even more unfortunate is the fact that  a woman faces discrimination in job for being a woman and nothing more. Needless to say most of us might have faced the situation in our own lives.

    In Nepal, there is the situation is no different. Woman chooses her baby over her profession and the employer chooses a male over a female while filling up the vacancy.  In the current state of affairs, I see it impossible to attain gender equality in all spheres till 2030.  

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