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HeforShe campaigns are solidarity movements that advocate for gender equality by bringing one half of humanity in support of the other half for the benefit of all. Now,even as we contemplate on the WEE projects we're to undertake,I thought it wise for us champions to look for HeforShe movements in our countries and if your country doesn't have one,you could come up with that idea.Let me hear your thoughts on this.

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  • Teresa Abila

    Indeed #HeforShe movements are just the way to go as Bethel has put it,men are included to fight for gender equality. We've seen alot of men coming on board and speaking out. Marta that's a great initiative you've started and would really be happy to join you. I will follow your handle to know more about the campaign and I encourage other Champions to do so. Let every of us be part of #HeforShe campaigns in their countries and if your countries doesn't have, start one, we are here to lend a hand and help one another. N/B:To know whether a specific twitter handle exists, search on twitter by adding your country's name at the end of @HeforShe handle, if it exists, join.. If not,do something for your country. I searched for @HeforSheKenya and I realized it exists, so I followed them.

  • Marta Lamas

    Hi !!1

    Here in Spain we are trying to put it alive next December 10th. Humans Rights Day.

    It´s done on a volunteering basis and we have the @HeforSheES (HeforShe España) and a hastag #soyHeforShe.

    We are aroun 100 women trying to make it real and hopefully that day will come a reallity. We have the Football Club Valencia doing a great job but haven´t jet got together to see if they could help us.

    Hopefully it will come a reality, specially as it will be conyinued for 2016.

    If you can help as to spread the message and join us, you are more than welcomed


    Thank you


  • Bethel Tadesse

    HeforShe is a great movement. I live in the UK and it was big here when Emma did the speech, it was great to see so many men stand up and support the campaign. However i feel like it should have been encouraged for more universities or schools to get involved. And if they did something for HeforShe every so often so that there can be new people joining the campaign. 

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