Gender Parity in the Parliament

An great step taken by the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. He has has ensured that men and women are equal in number in the Cabinet. It goes to show how the world is developing and how gender equality is not a far reach. Will this encourage other nations to follow his steps? (Link:

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  • Kanchan Amatya

    This will definitely encourage other nations to follow Canada's step. My country Nepal also recently elected its first Female President and first Female Speaker of the House. This has definitely created a wave in the South Asian patriarchal community and around the world!

  • Mary Achieng

    In Kenya the cabinet secretaries as was at 25% of women representation that is out of 18 cabinet secretaries 6 are women,  the constitution affirmative action seats for 47 county women representative and 18 nominated women in senate with two representing special groups, with this Kenya was awarded the  2014 women in parliament award, the unity of women parliamentarians saw the formation of Kenya Women Parliamentarians KEWOPA which has a lot of activities on women.

  • In Kenya constitution has set 47 slots for members of parliament that are only contested by women. Every county has one slot of women representative. This is because our constitution recognizes gender equality even though we have not achieved in all dimensions.


  • It is a good beginning towards achieving gender equality. Canada has set a good example of entrusting women with more responsibilities as men.

  • Stella Bakibinga

    I believe it will have an impact on other countries. If it has happened in Canada, and if other countries have equally qualified and competent women for these legislative slots, then why not? I believe it will move like a wave to other parts of the world. Well done Canadian PM!

  • Michel Choto

    What a great milestone towards Gender Equality. Canada has just set an example for other nations to follow. Gender equality is not far reached as others would like to think, it is achievable !

  • Ana Espinosa

    Hi Heeshma! I was really happy to see this news out in the media, I do believe this is setting up higher standards for other countries to follow the example, just as Nepal who had chosen their first woman president last week, this is just as you said an answer for developing gender equality, and because we have been discussing about the importance of having women on parliamentary committees, starting to see this things are happening is just inspiring. 

    I wonder if for next year when the US President gets elected we are going to see Hilary Clinton in the White House and how that could impact not only US politics but the way we are running parties and parliamentary committees around the world. 

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