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In September this year, we marked exactly 20 years after The Beijing Platform for Action where most of the countries committed to gender equality and the empowerment of women everywhere. In Uganda, it was after this conference that we got a first female Vice President in 1995. In what ways has this platform contributed to gender mainstreaming in your country?

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  • Not more difference, the Beijing Platform for Action has had no effect on Nigeria. In my perspective, we have taken slow or no steps in this direction. With under 10% representation of women and the cancelation of the office of first lady, civil society must push for the social and intellectual equality of women.

  • Kanchan Amatya

    I think not only Nepal but most of the country around the world has been affected by The Beijing Platform for Action. This historic document was the first document that stated that women rights are human rights. This agenda has become a guide for many local NGOs around the world who advocate for women's rights. But still a lot is yet to achieve even after it has been 20 years since the world committed for a gender equal world.

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