Free Legal Aid

Free legal aid to women and legal literacy campaigns among the female sector, especially the poorer , must become an important item in women's liberation. Because Legal aid and judicial remedies have a special role. The State is bound by the Fundamental Rights to equality of sexes. It is immoral and illegal to treat the women as unequal. Women's Rights are Human Rights. Gender justice is integral to Social Justice. Women power implies also new responsibilities for preserving womanhood in its Physical, Moral and mental sanity and sanitation. The pity is that the Politicians only focus on the next election while women and children generate the next generation.

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  • Poh Ching Tan

    Women who lack money or knowledge, can find being involved in a legal suit rather intimidating..for examples in cases of divorce, child custody, separation, personal protection or other civil suits.  Hence, legal aids will be greatly appreciated by these women.

  • Eunice Olembo

    I am an advocate in Kenya and part of my job description is carrying out legal outreaches and trainings to women in the informal settlement of Kibera which is the greatest informal settlement in Kenya. We tend to find that in as much as women are becoming more and more aware of their rights, there is still a long way to go especially in regards to women knowing their rights and the respective recourses under the law. Safeguarding not only civil and political rights, but also their socio-economic and cultural rights. Especially in a country which traditions and culture plays a very integral part of society.

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