29 Community Champions distinguish for their efforts and contributions to advance awareness about women’s economic empowerment

Added on:  03-Dec-2013

UN Women

On this day of giving, 3 December 2013, the Knowledge Gateway for Women's Economic Empowerment would like to distinguish the efforts and amazing contributions of 29 of its most active members who truly gave back to their communities.

These 29 Global Community Champions were selected after a month long rally. During this rally 150 dynamic and enthusiastic women and men from the private sector, civil society, academia and national and international organizations from all over the world campaigned online and offline to raise awareness about women’s economic empowerment.

As part of their rally, they spearheaded a 24-hour multilingual #GivingTuesday Tweetathon for women’s economic empowerment. Many of our community champions have used their personal networks, professional affiliations, alumni networks, corporations and international institutions in their communities to revive and stimulate discussions on women’s economic empowerment. Today, as we celebrate #GivingTuesday, we are also celebrating their dedication and countless hours spent to advocate for women’s economic empowerment.

Over the next five months, with guidance and support from the Knowledge Gateway Team, these selected community champions will be involved in a series of knowledge campaigns for women's economic empowerment from the local to the international levels.

Congratulations to:

  1. Anna Bolbasova (Belarus)
  2. David Garzon (Colombia)
  3. Caro Cimador (Argentina)
  4. Elizabeth Kountze (USA)
  5. Emmanuel Asomba (Canada)
  6. Genevieve Whitaker (Virgin Islands)
  7. Jasmin Sibayan (Phillipines)
  8. Junie Joseph (UK)
  9. Kavelle Christie (USA)
  10. Lucy Eworo (Nigeria)
  11. Malena Famá (Argentina)
  12. Marie Angele Abanga (Belgium)
  13. Megan Bird (USA)
  14. Monica Espinosa Garces (Spain)
  15. Nastassja Wohnhas (Germany)
  16. Natalie Bethel (Bahamas)
  17. Noran EL Ghamrawy (Egypt)
  18. Po-Yi Liu (Portugal)
  19. Prasida Khanal (USA)
  20. Sana Khan (Canada)
  21. Severin Dery (Ghana)
  22. Shalabh Sharma (India)
  23. Soumya Panda (UK)
  24. Suchi Gaur (India)
  25. Tan Poh Ching (Singapore)
  26. Tejas Jain (India)
  27. Toro Olatidoye (Canada)
  28. Vikram Simhan (India)
  29. Yinka Olaito (Nigeria)
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