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Rethinking masculinity, how government can push dads deeper into fatherhood – by Katrin Park

"Father's Day might seem like the wrong holiday to discuss discrimination against mothers. But the problem is an enduring workplace affliction, which also harms dads. Most fathers believe that earning money and caring for children should not be mutually exclusive but equally important responsibilities of fatherhood. Employers should catch up and stop dividing the labor pool by gender." Read more

2016 Women's Empowerment Principles CEO Leadership Awards

Prestigious awards that recognize business leaders for their exceptional championship of gender equality and innovative concrete actions taken to advance the 7 Women's Empowerment Principles. Nominations are open until 30 October 2015. Read more

The Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum 2015

The International Trade Centre and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency announce the Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum 2015.This premier business event links women vendors to markets by providing training, improving skills and facilitating meetings with buyers. Read more

The 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year

The Entrepreneur of the Year competition is now open for entries. This annual competition celebrates excellence in South African entrepreneurship and serves as an inspiration to others to succeed in the world of business. Read more

Featured Resources

Gender and Conflict Analysis

Including a gender lens to conflict analysis, monitoring and transformative responses has been proven to make a significant contribution to conflict prevention. This paper outlines basic elements of gender-sensitive conflict analysis. Read more


Gender-Sensitive Policy Reforms in Post-Conflict Societies 

Women's physical security Is an essential prerequisite to their participation in peacebuilding processes, and reformed police services play a central role in promoting women's participation. This paper focuses on lessons learned from gender sensitive police reform in Kosovo, Liberia and the Republic of Sierra Leone. Read more


What Women Want: Planning and Financing for Gender-Responsive Peacebuilding

This paper addresses a wide range of questions in the area of planning and financing for gender equality in post-conflict settings. It includes findings from several studies conducted by UN Women on the extent to which women's needs and issues are addressed in post-conflict planning frameworks. Read more
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