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The world of colours - Oya Komar

My journey towards job satisfaction and, ultimately, economic empowerment has been a lengthy and rather complicated one. But one early decision, based on my experiences in the first jobs I had during my university years and after graduation, was that I was very much motivated by customer satisfaction. So I knew I should be making my living in the services sector. Read more

Call for Applications - 2016 SEED Awards

The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development is an annual awards scheme designed to find the most promising, innovative and locally-led start-up social and environmental enterprises in countries with developing and emerging economies. Application open for the 2016 Switch Africa Green-SEED Awards, SEED Africa Awards and SEED Gender Equality Awards. Deadline for application is 21 March 2016. More

More opportunities here.

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New Policy Brief Series to Pave the Way for Gender Equality and Women's Rights

The UN Women policy brief series synthesizes research findings, analysis and policy recommendations on gender equality and women’s rights in an accessible format. The series aims to bridge the research and policy divide by identifying areas that require urgent policy attention and propose a set of suitable measures to address them: 
Policy brief no. 1:  Making national social protection floors work for women
Policy brief no. 2: Gender equality, child development and job creation
- Policy brief no. 3: Protecting women’s income security in old age
Policy brief no. 4: Why macroeconomic policy matters for gender equality.


Research on Women Entrepreneurs

For the past twenty years in Turkey, the subject of women entrepreneurship has been and continues to be intensely discussed by the supporters of various approaches and in different contexts. These discussions not only aim to promote women’s entrepreneurship but also adopt different viewpoints and approaches regarding why women should be entrepreneurs. The four main approaches are: economic development and growth; increasing women’s participation in the labour market; improving the welfare of the family and helping families escape from poverty; encouraging women to become stronger and ensuring gender equality. Read more
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